Sunday, July 24, 2011

Earning Season, Busy Stock

Breakpoint Trades usually has one data table every Sunday, this one is earnings next week.

If holding any individual stocks, it is essential to know when earnings releases are.   Sometimes I choose to hold through earnings, but unless you really know something that others don't, this is really just gambling.   I go to Vegas to gamble.  I spend my time on market activities to make money, on a regular basis.   That is the goal at least.

The emotional high associated with a "win" by holding through earning might tell you something about yourself, such as the need for excitement from the market, or the occasional Pavlov's Monkey effect of intermittent reinforcement.   If you want to trade in the zone, these things MUST be eliminated.

If you have an addictive personality, and you can't institute control of your trading actions, you best go get a "real job".   

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