Friday, July 8, 2011

Euro Bond Yields Going Up

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  1.  Thanks, its nice to see all the piggies lined up. A parabolic rise means bailouts (amount and time between them) have to go parabolic to keep up.

      This means parabolic everything like printing, inflation, and so on. I also note that the bailouts are getting ridiculously short term.

     Greece cant get a fat sack of rocks, now they have to settle for a 10 dollar rock just to kick the can like 3 feet down the debt road. And even getting that one fix to tie them over wasnt easy.

     There was a time when 6 billion or so was not even blinked at, pocket change as it were.

      Of course, you could believe the official story that Greece and the other pigs will simply slash spending without affecting GDP and do it viturally overnight, even though the last time they promised to do so they failed.

     You could also loan a druggie 100 dollars and get them to promise to pay back 150 dollars on the 3rd when their govt check comes in. You could get them to solemnly swear to cut way down on the meth, and look for a job so that they can afford that 50% interest on that one time loan.

      This analogy is almost perfect, except for or meth-head has a rich dad who bails him out all the time, but has sworn to cut him off this time if he dosent shape up.
    You might figure that sure, the druggie wont really reform and blow the govt check on meth, but you still can get your 150 from his dad, because the old man cusses and swears but he always forks over the cash just in time.

      I never thought the day would come when sovereign debt could be understood so well by a crack head analogy, but when you cut thru all the pseudo-science and central bank double/triple speak,imo, the common sense analogy works just fine.


  2. Great rant, I been postulating that crack head analogy to easy money for quite some time.   I does stand the test of time and logic, it really is that.   Everyone wants the good times to come back.   the good time were an inflated bunch of bull.

    thanks for dropping in.

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