Tuesday, July 12, 2011

False Flag Break Deception

This is what I call the "False Flag Break".   A deceptive move of the markets, scaring the longs out of their position before continuing upward.   The PTB HBB crew does everything they can to rack the retail over the coals.   And they collude through direct phone conversation, pit talk, and complicity of quant programs.   Fair? No.  Legal, No?    The way it is?  Yes.

I remain long GBP


  1. False flag? On a little larger scale, it looks like the GBP is in a 3 down ending at 1.56 or so. Have you seen their Debt/GDP ratio? They are going to have to print like mad, particularly if oil craps out, which is highly probable.

  2. This is strictly short term trades, no fundamentals involved. 

    What is theory on print if oil craps out?  Using oil as a pseudo-currency?

    False flag break...I don't mean false flag, I mean the break to downside was a temporary fake out move


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