Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th!

All below are Word Docs, they are easy to find on the net, if you don't have Word.

You can read all the docs below in less than 1 hour.   Misinformation is rampant concerning these basic laws of the US.   Read them, you will be really glad you did.

Presented below are text versions from the Articles of Confederation 1777
This is like the "Original Constitution"

Articles of Confederation


Constitution of the United States

Amendements to the Constitution, NOTE that the first 10 are collectively referred to as the "Bill of Rights",  The BOR was ratified on December 15, 1791

Amendments 1 to 27 First 10 are Bill of Rights

Print them, go get a sun tan and read them.   They really aren't that complicated.  Really, a 7th grader could understand them.

HEY and just in case you got that "all men are created equal" thing stuck in your was here, in the Declaration of Indpendence.   Just keep in mind, this was just a declaration, it is not part of the rules by which we are supposed to live.


  1. this mid June parabolic rise ahead of july earnings, looks very similar to the mid march rise, ahead of april earnings.

  2. most of the constitution has been replaced by the UCC...i've read this at some blog sites.

  3. I saw that same comment by Market Sniper who did a post on it at Slope, however, many people consider the Constitution to be the implied contract under which they live, and choose to continue to live in these United States.


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