Friday, July 1, 2011

New Moon

I am signing off at least for the weekend, maybe more. Have been getting less and less comments, less and less ad revenue. Thanks for all those who stopped in and participated, even those who just came and lurked. Smile, it increases your face value.

At least I got freakin ice!


Brinkley [Moderator] 5 hours ago in reply to.....
Dear [fill in blank] --in terms of trading potential and results, it's easy to over-think and over-analyze this stuff, you know. You're never going to see it all or understand it all, and therein lies the very nature of the beast. It is what it is, and we either learn to accept, trade,and profit from what we do have ready access to, or we spend our market time in a never-ending state of conflict. To trade well, in my experience, it is of paramount importance to learn to detach emotionally from whatever is taking place on the screen in front of you and work with it. If, on the other hand, your relationship with the market is antagonistic, the market will win. In other words, one has to strive to make the market a partner, not an opponent.

Brinkley moderates at Blue Chip Bulldog, a great site, although participation has gone down alot.

Coined the term Fedster.


  1. I will, too, Steve. Thanks for all the great charts and analysis, and Japan analysis, too. Summertime, things do tend to drop off, especially back here in the 48. But I hope you continue, even if irregularly or after a summer break.

    I'll look forward to your return! Thanks again. Oh, and thanks for Breakpoint, too, I like those guys. Very practical, smart, down to earth.

  2. I threw up some 4th of July type posts, now off to suntan.   Maybe see you at BPT, I need to spend more time taking the best small trade setups and knocking down 2 to 4% per week.   However, day-job continually gets in the way, thinking of reducing the scope of that also. 

    Out for now

  3. someday i will be back
    I originally started this as a place to record my trade "rational" basis, but it actually takes much more time than I thought  even for that, print and drop in 3 ring binder is much faster.

  4. See you around, will be back someday

  5. I totally understand the day job thing. There are a lot of days when I come home from work and just don't have the energy for sitting at the computer for a couple of hours catching up on my favorite bloggers (of which you are one).

    Focus on the most important things, and for heaven's sake, work on that tan! lol

    Life is more than markets. Enjoy it!


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