Monday, July 25, 2011

Signs of the Times, Misplaced "Enforcement"

Last week I read about a mother who was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in jail for spanking one of her offspring.

Now here is another looking at 3 years in jail, AFTER her sons was killed by another car driver.   She was crossing the street with her son.    She wasn't in a cross walk.

Really, this stuff is far beyond belief.   Truly this is Elliot Wave type stuff where the society feels a need for "enforcement" because things haven't been happening correctly (thievery at high levels).   But instead, what happens, instead of going after the huge crimes being perpetrated on humanity, the minor powers that be go after the weak targets.    Both of these are mothers, one was a chubby Latina and this one is black.   Minor powers that be picking on the weakest minority women.

SEC and commodities regulators getting convictions on $2M to $10M Forex scammers.    I guess that gets a feather in their hat.  Again, going after the weak antelope, the nearly confirmed kills that can't possibly stab back.

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  1. Killing your own is bad for business,'s why the 5 families met....then they killed Sonny! (g)


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