Friday, July 8, 2011

Slice of Life

Medical care is deteriorating, while provision of drugs is accelerating.

Went to the Doctor, for some minor stuff, and mentioned, oh, also got this rash on my arm, it almost gone but I rarely have skin problems.

He said, well I can prescribe some antibiotics in case it comes back.

We won't really run any tests on you until after 50 years old.

Your blood pressure was 120/88 which is not bad, but always good to cut down on salt and sugar, and well, you certainly don't need to lose any weight at 184 lbs.

Point One

Doctors like prescribing things, people must then feel that they are "getting some care".   Of course, I accepted the antibiotics even if it sits on the shelf until it expires.   It will be good to have in the emergency first aid kit.   It is good to have a supply of various prescriptions that you might use -- as extra's in your first aid kit, your "go-pack", and /or your shelter in place kit. 

At 184 I consider myself overweight.    20 years ago it would have been considered way overweight.   I think from like 1980 the supposed best weight for 5'10" was around 167 lbs.   In recent years I have been to 173 and that is a good target, my goal is 170 to 174.

Point Two

The whole standard for being overweight has gone way up.   Personally I saw the fattening of America as a direct correlation with the 9/11 attacks.   Stress compensation.   


They used to start running tests strictly on a "check up" basis at age of 40.   Now, Doc said, you have to have an existing ailment before they do any tests of any sort.    I said, what happened to preventative medicine, and he offered...if you have a history of any family medical issues, we can use that to justify testing.

Sub Point Three.....Doc knows it wrong to not do preventative tests, and he gave me the answer on how to get tested, just "remember" the problems in family medical history.   OK got it.

OK, Off to do a big bike ride with the dogs!   Friday Pau Hana!!!

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