Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trading Education

This link was sent to me by Steve C, a real Elliot Wave practitioner.

This is a one hour audio presentation by Mark Douglas

Mark is kind of old school, which is not bad, but I was irritated that neither he nor the interviewer knew what an automatic bracket order is.

Example from interview:

What factors cause people to stray from their trading plan.
1) Most people think self discipline is a personality characteristic.  But really it is just--

Discipline is the process of redirecting our attention back on to our goal.


  1. Good tips, Very informative and easily understandable.

  2. Indeed with all our technology, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that it is ourselves (you) who are the most important part of the trading process.   

    It is all about, what are you planning on doing (and do you do it) when what happens, happens.    No one knows what is going to happen.   What happens is irrelevant, it is only what you do when it happens that is important.


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