Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Maginot Line and Current Shenanighans

What signifcance, the Maginot line?   It was a massive fortification constructed by France to avoid an attack by the Germans.  

Curious now that somehow the rest of the also ran Euoro countries now expect France and Germany to bail them out, but that is a somewhat different story. 

The Maginot line was 500 total buildings, of which every 9 miles was a major Fort (50 of them), with 1000 men.  All this was built and maintained at great cost, 3 billion Francs got the job started and it took 10 years.

And all this based on the assumption that the Ardennes Zone was impassible and thus provided 99% protection.   The Ardennes zone consisted of mountains with ridges, rivers, and swamps. 

The Germans pushed 1,000,000 troops and 1500 tanks through this zone that was thought to be impassable.   The surprise effect allowed them to easily take France, Belgium, Luxembourg.   It was a big thing, they flanked the Maginot line.  

So, you ask, me hey Steveo, how the heck does the maginot line link up with current events?   Is there some euro twist here?

HERE IT IS:  The day the Maginot line was breached, defeated by a massive force through impenetrable swamps and mountains, that day the stock markets had a terrible, terrible day in terms of the few stocks advancing, while the vast majority tumbled.  An intense sign of fear, capitulation.  

YESTERDAY, the fear was worse the the penetration of the Maginot line, as measured by the stock market advancers and decliners.

Got it?   Yesterday, the Fear was Worse than basically the fall of Europe to the Nazi', worse than a good chance of being captured and put in a death camp, Really!

Lets define that fear of yesterday.  

  • Sure the media promotion of the S&P debt downgrade.
  • The just prior Debt Debacle, which was quite a bad joke actually.
  • The stock market declines, although most people know, the market has been "supported" by the Fed.
  • The suspense of not knowing whether QE3, easy money was coming to "save the country"
I went long, at least for a while.

I did this other collage of a 1942 v-shaped ramp job, during terrible news.
Check it out, Bataan Death March and Doolittle Raid.



  1. Very interesting work you have done here Steveo.  I also have gone long for now.


  2. possible upward breakout right now new chart, new post


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