Monday, August 22, 2011

NYSI The summation index as an indicator

Sometimes the summation index likes to go and kick around at the bottom for a while, but usually not too long.   The crosses of the red and black lines have been pretty darn good, only a few times subjecting you to significant pain had you simply traded the signals.      Far better than listening to MSM "news".   This game is for all the money in the world, of course the news is manipulated.  Once the newscasters were "embedded" with the Desert Storm troops, I strongly suspected a degradation in news.   i.e. report the news we want you to report, or we kick you out of the scoop position.    Very simple strategies, very effective.

This chart is implying that it would be wise to go long in the near future, although the cross hasn't happened yet.  This conflicts with my Bernoulli Channel and Ellipse Launch upward of the USD.   

For you with Stockcharts membership here is the actual linkable chart$NYSI&p=W&yr=2&mn=0&dy=0&id=p42904114771&a=238707884
Klik some ADZ?



  2. Thanks for your analysis Steveo.
    Mr. Market seems to be up to mischief here.  Hard to read the direction.  Too many mixed signals for me.


  3. strong signal both directions, seems to be happening more and more this year. 

    Maybe that does qualify as a top.   we will see.   My calls like it though, breath some life back into them.


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