Saturday, August 20, 2011

USD Launch Upward!

Quants can easily recognize simple geometric patterns, and fake them out, blow them up, etc.

They aren't yet blowing up the "egg launch", this should launch upward and strongly.    Bearish for Equities.  Bearish for Gold.  

Equities also look ready to plunge, and Gold has simply gone parabolic (classic parabola look).    Really considering some puts on GLD, 2 months out.  

So everything is setup to move big, USD up, Equities Down, Gold down.

Strange but I get suspicious when everything is "so perfect".    Big labor day weekend on Sept 5, HBB loves to make a big move on these long weekends.    However, the perched on the egg launch, perched to collapse chart scenarios are more immediate than that.  


  1. Highly possible a euro implosion will create a face ripping USD bear rally.  Shorting the euro is probably safer though...  IMO.

  2. bought GLD puts Friday. Now almost 30% above 200. Commercials building shorts on recent rise.

  3. Been trying to short it today, its a fn meat grinder.

  4. Parabolic rise may be near a turn, what month did you buy?


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