Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why indeed? To Think, perchance to Rant

My reply to a fairly radical post on  ENENews, once of the best aggregators of Fukushima and other nuclear news.

Indeed, not just what you say, but complementary to it, are the other factors which are all outside a 4 sigma probability.   The utter greed, the leverage of financial tools to over $600T, the markets, the government intervention, the wars, the media control, the food handouts, and the completely inept handling of disasters.  Why indeed.  The question of our lives perhaps, think on these things.

There are some pretty radical views expressed on ENENews.   There are also obvious shills sent from elsewhere to just rant and discredit the efforts of ENENews.
Ah, someone noticed. Somehow I knew who it would be…
WARNING; Personal belief, theory, and rambling thoughts follows….
I have been thinking about this for a bit now,
The sun and how it fits into my gut feeling that something is going on.
Something is happening that the PTB does not want the sheeple to know about.
Maybe they are not totally positive about it,
but the data is pointing an ugly finger at the menace.
Why all of the warnings to prepare for something. What is going on?
Well, when NASA tells thier people to be ready, I am listening.
I believe there is some truth to the wisdom of the mayans and our solar system entering an area of
the milky way as it loops around to a point that it has entered in the past.
I believe that this area is not earth and life friendly. I believe that the PTB knows this.
I believe that all of the cloud seeding, not just in the USA,
but around the world in the populated areas, has a reason. What?
Is the sudden PTB interest in HAARP part of this attempt to shield us from these energies from space?
I believe that the extra cloud seeding is thier feeble and stupid attempt at
“protecting” the masses for as long as possible.
Water is a moderator of all things nuclear and radiological. We know this.
Global warming and Climate change has put vast amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere.
Take a measured amount of water and freeze it.
Set the ice container back out into the table and let it melt.
Your measured amount of water is significantly less.
Transpiration has released a lot of it into the air.
When there are sunny days, we are seeing record temperatures.
But we are seeing extended periods of cloud cover and much cooler temps.
I think that they “discovered” the effects of all the extra water vapor
in the atmosphere is moderating the energies they are seeing hit this planet from the heavens.
Their thinking: More is better, right? So they cloud seed…
Have you seen the record temperatures across the globe?
Have you seen all the reports of the persistant cloud cover across the planet?
Have you seen the persistant cloud cover personally?
Have you seen the earth shivering and quaking alot lately?
Have you seen the wild weather across the globe lately?
Have you see the reports of the PTB gearing up for?
Were the indigenous people of the americas correct in passing down the legends to thier children?
Has our solar system been around the block before.
Does our caucasion people have legends of planet wide disasters?
Is the sun quivering and acting up, spitting out energies?
Is there a commonality to all these events?
Tell me I’m nuts! It’s okay. I am not ignorant.

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