Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buy puts AND calls

This is the H&S neckline, the H&S broke about 3%, so the bears will be salivating.   The last few times this happened a massive ramp occurred, the question is will alternation and recency theory mean that the opposite happens and we do actually drop into the 1000 zone for starters (or for QE3 justification)


This blue line is the Bernoulli 100 line (see both timeframe charts), it acted as support with a little punchthrough, which is fine, actually even "better".     Same strategy as from Monday...but puts and calls, because some bigger move is coming, however with VIX at 42, those options
are relatively expensive.

The Lower chart is the Great British Pound / USD Forex pair, aka Cable.    Cable is also on the B100 Channel line, on a well proven channel from March 2011.

Blood in the streets, time to buy long.   The cover line is extremely well defined.   Some punch through already occurred, cover S&P500 futures below 1005

Alternately, I may press the longs above the neckline if that occurs.

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