Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Long is such a no-brainer, that I have to question it

The Egg does fail, as all setups do fail.   This is a beautiful example of not one egg but of two cooperating eggs.  Eggs that "work" cause a bounce in the opposite direction of the trailing edge slope.   Eggs are much harder to program to detect than the pyscho bots can handle at this time.  

In fact only 3 people in the world use the Egg.  LOL.   Maybe now it's 4.   An embryo "pop" is a perfect way to launch from an egg, kind of the ultimate fake out, on the ultimate hard to see pattern.

Plus watch the prior video, we all now know Obama man can...!   Pump the market with a cool half trillion of confidence.   It is time to be patriotic, good ol' USA!   Go team!

And finally if you made it down to here, good old fashioned American "earnings" as in we stole it.   Actually this is freely presented at Evil Speculator, where I used to hang out, until I mentioned to the proprietor that he occasionally had some really bad days, at which point I went from moderator to banned, no comment.    So be it.   However, a poster Volar over there came up with some classic charts, that say you would be a cesium bio-accumlated salmon swimming  into the wrong river if you were now positioned short.   Not just seasonality, but also the current options volume ratios which are one of my favorite.    Here they are for safe keeping and future reference these are real winners.

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