Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shooting Star on ES 3 Day candle, Doctor Copper (Near Bearish Engulfing)


  1. Excellent charts Steveo.
    I agree that Copper is looking to nosedive soon.
    S&P rally looks like it is turning over.  Noticed that CCI has just turned down.
    The bears are coming out of hibernation methinks.


  2. Well it worked at least for Friday, best 1 day ES point move I have had in a while, short of course. 

  3. i was looking at the gold-spx ratio chart. does that mean gold has to go really high, for the spx to get back to 1350

  4. Looks like wave  down on that ratio, when that is done it can do anything it wants, hard to tell when a  is done, but the 177 channel will often give a strong hint on that.  Gold could correct to 1300 easily


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