Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bond rates

Bond rates in almost all Euro zone have headed up.

It is earnings season, and it will be interesting to say the least.   As we hit 20% effective unemployment, and many have fallen into despair and alternate lifestyles, it is Orwellian madness at it's best.  

The classic P/E ratio is supposed to be a net present value of future earnings, usually expressed in US Dollars.   It varies between 8 and 30 showing that the market is terribly inefficient. 

These bond charts are a permanent part of my blog.


  1. Very turbulent, uncertain times Steveo.
    Thank you for your continuing work on this blog.  You often pick up on things the rest of us miss.
    I am looking for a decline in the PE ratio to around 7 before becoming bullish.



  2. Exactly, S&P500= 200 or so, an overshoot to the downside
    Preserve capital and get ready to back up the truck!


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