Friday, October 21, 2011

We nailed it. Got the upside, now how much more.

Earthquake in Hokkaido (north island of Japan), 6+
Plus earthquakes in Berkley to shake up the academics.

Yesterday, put call shot up to the magic box of Bear bitch slapping MBBBS


  1. Steveo,

    The fact that a high put/call ratio can cause the mkt to be moved as it has been shows just how few players are left that could possibly stand in the way of the "banks". Pre 2008 no one was big enough to control the market as there were that many fund managers, and banks with actual regulations that could bring prosecution. This is a different mkt now. I'm not saying the ratio is a bad indicator, but just that the banksters couldn't take them out in one day as they are doing. This mkt trades more like pork bellies than the premier place to fund a corporation under capitalism with true liquidity and interest in the structure of a corporation when one invests in one.

    Good call through all this disturbing crap we are dealing with.

  2. Thanks for the insightful comments.

  3. You do know that Pork Bellies are no longer traded?   Just saying.   Sheesh, who even knows what a pork belly is!?

  4. >>You do know that Pork Bellies are no longer traded?<<

    REALLY? See....look where we are headed with stocks then!....First bellies then stocks? The next thing then will be the Space Program!

    I can't go on....I need my bacon and it's just a matter of time until it's Soylent Green for 3 squares!


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