Sunday, October 9, 2011

World Indices.

I pay $40 per month for Breakpoint Trades membership.   Attached here as a PDF download is one of their "bonus" newsletters, it shows the world index as well as the big foreign indices.   My EW annotated chart shows Spain, with a clear 5 down and bounce up.

ALL the other indices in this BPT newsletter show similar patterns.    Although as of Wednesday, I was leaning quite bearish at least in attitude, I have to reconsider that after viewing these charts.    These charts are quite bullish, TEMPERED with a caution....the market is tricky, when it looks like things are about to fall into an abyss, that would be the time for a major ramp to trap bears.     When it looks all rosy, like now, with Europe "saved", could also be the perfect time for a black swan to show up and defecate all over the place.   The real black swans are not the ones you know about (Greece et al.) but ones that show up completely out of the blue.

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BPT World Indices


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  2. I tend to agree Steveo.  But the market is tricky as you point out.  Sometimes it seems to be downright mischievous.  Perhaps we will get a better feel for the direction over the next two days.



  3. Hmmm... if other countries are now in "rally mode", then it makes my theory that the US market will rally even more powerful.  Thanks for the chart Steveo...

  4. Click the link for BPT world indices, full report.

  5. Indeed, I am 98% cash, guns, gold, and food producing land.

  6. Hey Steve nice work post this on Hob if you would nice :))

  7. will do!  thanks for stopping in


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