Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rant, I cant rant this ranty, A bit too angry, channel that anger


  1. everybody is posting this video, including me!!!

  2. starter positions, i see lower exits. will add more if higher.
    Trading idea: short JWN. Opened at 48.77 on 10/7/11.
    Trading idea: short T. Opened at 28.64 on 10/7/11.
    Trading idea: short AMTD. Opened at 15.63 on 10/7/11.
    Trading idea: short LOW.Opened at 20.41 on 10/7/11.
    will take profits fast..2%-4%... if i can get it.
    some of these i will exit at the 50 day exit

  3. i think the market might take the spx up to 1250 ahead of earnings.
    i think there will be quite a few earnings misses. i hope dow 10,000 holds as support after earnings.


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