Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CLNE Anatomy of a Small Trade

Some of these trade ideas can slam 6% or 20% in just a few days or weeks, usually if lucky enough to get to 30% it is time to close it out and not be greedy.   Those are rare.  

This one was a buy at support, except on Monday move it gapped up and then consolidated, I bought at 18.80, see the inset on the screen cap.

Volume is pretty OK at 600,000 per day.   I wouldn't worry about doing 2000 or 4000 shares with that daily volume level, if you wanted to make it a "bigger trade" and potential to profit maybe $4000 or $8000.   I took this one as a small trade, 600 shares.  

It is now at 12.2 -- that is about a 3.4% move up in one day, which is fine.   No huge dollar profit on this one, but I already moved up my stop to a small profit, If I get 20% great, but at least the risk has been eliminated from the trade.  Of course it could gap down and take a big hit, but not too likely.


  1. I have to say Stevo. I've been looking at your site on a regular basis for about 6 months now and you seem to almost always be "ahead" of the next move. Unbelievable is all i can say.

  2. Thanks, planning on quitting my "day job" next year, and playing these little breakout stocks (as a job), made $1000 on this silly investment in 1.5 days., using only $6600 of capital

  3. Nice. I play equity/ETF options. From Hawaii originally as well. now living past 6 years in Sunny Denver, CO. All family still on all Islands.

  4. Oahu, big island and Kauai. FYI, i"m on the waiting list for Spy system.

  5. I did the Oahu, Maui, Kauai route myself.  Liked Kauai the best, but very limited work over there.


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