Sunday, November 13, 2011

Commodity Newsletter, Gold, Silver, Uranium free!

We enjoy participating in the BPT blog when actively trading, they often post up patterns in real time.  BPT lets Hawaii Trading occasionally post up some of their materials for free.   Once in a while we also post up some specific trade ideas just as a sample, and usually BPT has 5 to 30 chart justified trade scenarios on their watchlists.    The track record on these watchlist trades is amazingly good, usually with 80% to 90% winning trades.   BUT many of the trade ideas  are thinly traded, tickers you would not otherwise even run across, so in this rampy trade environment it is necessary to be able and willing to close out the trades quickly, or take a 50% profit and let the rest as a runner

Here is a top quality Weekend Commodity Newsletter

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