Friday, December 2, 2011

Blogger posed a question whether to Fade Friday's Candle

Really depends on what your methods are and what edge is.    I would never trade on someone else's advise, except Matts SPY system that is.

If you don't know where to get in, you won't know the most important thing, and that is where to get out.

I expect higher US equities markets and if overhead resistance is cleared (there is lots of it), this could be a 20% December.

But we could also melt into Primary 3 down and lose 400 on the S&P in a week.    Fed Gov is all in, they have everything to lose and nothing more to lose by risking more.


  1. Might I suggest an option spread? Something that will make good profits if there's a sharp move in either direction. Relatively cheap insurance, in the scheme of things.

  2. You mean buy puts and buy calls, or sell put spreads, and sell call spreads?


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