Sunday, December 18, 2011

BPT Free Newsletter and Coupon

Free commodities newsletter from BPT, the best stuff.  I skim through them because they are long and I know how to read charts

Stop thinking about it, sign up for BPT.   Use this link and type in coupon code, and instead of $80 per month, you get the special deal of $240 for 6 months, and an additional 25% off, so just $180, which is amazing.

COUPON CODE!!!!!!!!!!

This is a tax deductible expense, stop screwing around and take the plunge into more money making ideas 


  1. the year is almost over!!!
    in too early, out too fast. slow with some of the stops, etc---

    had i traded with borg like perfection.
    I coulda,woulda,shoulda, had 1200% return on my investment this year,
    i'm a bit short of that figure, i'm afraid. still another good enough year of trading, to try one more year.

  2. Steady increase in equity curve is my goal, plus getting my telescope paid for with advertising!   Merry Christmas to me......hehe

  3. i'm clicking some ads, on my way out of here... tk has me  trained like a pavlov dog or something like that, when it comes to clicking dad gum ads.

  4. Thanks, got 5% of the telescope paid for, beats the heck out of 0%

  5. Long BTU, CREE , + few others...short APOL,HD,ARLP

  6. found a good movie on youtube.
    Dark Knight, w/ Keith Ledger.


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