Saturday, December 17, 2011

Games People Play

One of my favorite songs from high school era

If I am telling you the truth right now, do you believe it?
If I promise you the moon and the stars, would you believe it?

Another Classic

Fiver says:
Well, as things stand, by capturing pretty much all important governments and institutions in most of the Western world, banksters with their interlocked Board brothers, the gargantuan multinational corporations and their supporting casts of professional cons/intellectual prostitutes have a hammerlock on the situation. I believe younger generations than mine are going to have an epochal fight on their hands attempting to right this appallingly imbalance, given that the Boomers (I am one) have so completely blown it, simply not caring enough about the world beyond their enormous Selves to head all this off long ago, let alone mount a fight in good measure against what we ourselves became. I think most people are still in deep denial as to how pathologically addicted to power in ALL its forms (financial, political, military, technological, social) the existing elite is, how far removed they are from life here on the ground, and how far they will go to maintain their position – all the way, I figure, as they are now so deeply entrenched. So I sympathize with the survivalist outlook though I’m not sure one can prepare for a real societal breakdown from whatever cause other than to cultivate as great a degree of flexibility/adaptability as possible. The next 10 years makes it or breaks it – not that we have 10 years, but that some time within that 10 year span, we will pretty much know if we’ve made it or broke it, really broke it.

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  1. i used to keep track of math equations using 10 to the 10th...speed of light, is A times 10 to the 10th. out of ten's of these i used to know, that's the only one i remember now.


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