Saturday, December 17, 2011

Indian Chistmas

I just sent a present to my homeland, my domicile area.

To my brother, and I labelled it "Indian Christmas" since he can only keep it for a few months.    A fantastic telescope.

Celestron C8 SGT XLT

Then I politically incorrect.   Those poor Indians.    Indeed.    When you are robbed and then you have some "life saving" gifts granted back to you with conditions...indeed....there can be nothing worse.     The Indians, the Hawaiians.    They are screwed as a people, screwed because they are accepting these "gifts"  as their "birth-right".

Better to know that  a gift is only temporary, and not your "right".   Living on the Dole is terrible, it destroys your life spirit, a slave to gifts.

Viewing the heavens is an important way to realize there is something bigger than ourselves.   Try it, I have to wait a few months, since I Indian'd away my own Christmas present.

Wow, I ought to stick to ranting about Wall Street!

Here is a Video that shows some close by astronomy items viewed with my scope.


  1. That is a VERY nice piece of equipment!

  2. Very nice...I had a scope like yours in the past and enjoyed it..looks like you have done more with it than I did...

  3. Computerized, takes you right to the good stuff.

  4. thanks, I went 80% over budget and never regretted a second of it.


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