Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Night Thoughts

Well it's 4:40 and I just dipped into the first Rum and Coke, low carb you know.

You know, the trickiest thing the market could do is to rocket higher.

I keep seeing doom and gloom on the Euro falling into oblivion, so i think otherwise.

Pretchers disciples, maybe over a million of them, willing to spend $800 a year on advice, protecting and advancing a fairly large portfolio, and commited to the cause, after Bob's "biggest trade in history", yeah right a 50% move, happens often. 

Well the Bob folks did not get taken out by the ramp up.    How can I tell?   The volume!   The volume on SPY and ES did not spike on the ramp to 1260 which was the Pretcher stated stop for a short.  

HBB loves picking off the weak antelope, it is really like that.   That is how they see their purpose in life, to pop every stop, esp. the so called smart Elliot Wave money.

So a bunch of indicators say short, but I am not so sure. 

However, my Proprietary Fear Factor, if you draw the line right says we just maxed out on SPX, for now at least.   Very tricky, the Goldman Quant programs are leaving patterns set up "just so".   Perfectly on the edge, esp over the weekend.    If you don't play over the weekend or over night, you miss all the moves of substance, IF you do play, you are at large risk.    Thanks HBB you bastards.   Before we used to have a casino where the smart could win and extract money on a regular basis.


  1. I can't remember any time in the past 30 plus years where the market felt like such a crap shoot. That's not good when you want to make money. The only prudent move seems to be place a reasonable bet and if you get windfall profits, take them and sit it out for a little bit. I wish I had taken that route the past few months, I'd be a hell of a lot richer.

  2. Yeah, after a big move we get the ""meat grinder" and if you keep betting you get killed.


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