Thursday, December 22, 2011

Steady as She Goes

This is the Winter Solstice, marking the shortest day of the year.  

It has been an important tradition for thousands of years, important religious holidays congregate around the Solstice, I read something from another country calling the solstice "Christmas".

Here is a BPT long I choose not to take.

 IBM gamers?
 This is a tasty long I took
 This one too, long, both BPT ideas.
 Zero Hedge, bless their soulstice, calling Armageddon has not been profitable.   This from Slope of Hope
It is a turning point of the sun.    It could be a turning point of the market, probabilistically up, but could be down.    I hear most EW guys are super bullish.    


  1. T is a good looking double top short.
    pug, alphahorn,springheel jack, all saying spy will not go above it's 200 day first try.
    i better add some shorts to my portfolio.
    those guys make a heck of a triple threat.

  2. IWM uh oh---maybe

  3. 76 is fine, that will get me 100% of my expected profit on my bull put spreads that I sold.   Nice to see futes up after hours!

  4. i'm cutting back on my trading. i've been batting 50/50 the last few days.
    I had such a good run from sept, i was bound to hit a period of portfolio consolidation.

  5. plans for x-mas free time.
    found a new blog template for my site. I might try to install it...

    and i want to get those paypal donate buttons up.

  6. when i post video's like I did here the other day. They show up at this site. somehow disqus keeps track of this.

  7. Hi,

    Can we exchange link and buzz me if you done so that we can link your site too.

    Thank you!

  8. Cool, its notes Hawaii Trading also

  9. Keep your eyes on that ted spread.... all of this looks like year end window dressing.....

  10. BTW:  thanks for those eu sov. rate charts...  You were right, they are almost impossible to find....  Thanks again....

  11. Sure thing, thanks for stopping in!   Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  12. For sure, and ready to go short when it get undressed, but not before

  13. I added to blog roll, Singapore rocks.


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