Friday, December 16, 2011

USD Bucky about to get a whoopin'

Biggest Lies--

Pretcher--see USD just made a new 12 month high!
Japan Evil Rulers - We just reached "state of cold shutdown" of the nuclear reactors

Old Bucky jumped over the Bernoulli 100 channel line, and turned down, backtested, and got swatted down some more.  Then After Es market hours, Euro and Cable continued to trade, making astounding climbs upward.     Very interesting.

The fat man ain't singing but he is warming up, methinks.    Ready to change my bias when data says otherwise. 


  1. i don't understand the lines on this chart.
    what's pivot, what's support and resistance. what's the stop.
    its about the right size, when i click on it for a closer look.

    also the elf chart, too small, and slow loading, when i clicked on it.
    that's why nobody commented on it, imo lol

  2. Green is the B100, Yellow is the B133, Gray is the B177
    those are the Biggies,   the B133 and B177 are predictive channels, they can exist while the main channel is forming, they happen in the future.   Green forms the main channel of which their are digressions.   This is mathematical shit-- 4/3, 4/3^4/3 power, and 4/3*4/3.    This is a secret of the universe and applies to trading.

  3. all lines are either support or resistance, support becomes resistance and vice versa.

  4. >>This is a secret of the universe<<

    And I've been telling people Sam Kinnison told us that about women. Another belief shattered. Thanks steveo!...LOL

    Thanks for the charts


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