Monday, December 12, 2011

Went flat on Friday close, Expiry Shenanighans

Expiry is very important to the market, and Monday and Tuesday are the big move days.
Funny that Friday, the total put/call jumped high to 1.2, that means lots of bears got it right.  

See the volume chart, it is steady down, down get cute and jump in front of that long.   Even on a 1 minute version it is continuous down, not a single green blip even.

I think we drop into tomorrow, after all, the current drop only did a 38% retrace of the recent rise, and that isn't much.  To drop to my 38% and channel line intersections  (GRAY TARGET BOX), would crush the recent bulls who are now standing like deer in the headlights saying "Santa you have foresaken me".   And so perhaps that Evil plan will play out.

I bought some puts at the 61% Fibo is tested again.


  1. hi steveo,
    did you get a chance to check out this ladies paypal and amazon donate buttons? these are sweet looking.

  2. I did, I like them.   I found a site that walks you through the process to put those up, for now too busy doing solar, must focus.


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