Friday, January 6, 2012

3 Battle Days in a Row, Can't Find Support, Can't Break Resistance

My partial X-ray into the market (milli-Sievert levels approved by FDA)

3 battle days on cumulative volume, very odd.

Will close out calls, and be ready to buy futures long on a breakout, but the downside risk seems large at this time.


  1. An egg would fit pretty well on top of both of your short term charts of ES and IWM.  Is there room for one more run up to the eggs early next week? 

    I know you study the VIX. Taking a look at $SPX:$VIX on stockcharts, it can be seen that it recently closed above the Bollinger Bands (daily charts) for three consecutive days, then has been underneath it for a week. Now it appears to be making a strong run up to challenge the underside of the upper Bollinger Band.  (Sorry, wasn''t able to save the chart to post here for some reason.)  I've noticed it attempt that last year at one of the tops.

  2. This is my best guess on Light Crude.  It seems to like the fibs alot over the past few months.

  3. this notebook tablet cost $10,000, but with mass production they might get the price down to $500

  4. my best guess...
    Jan earnings, pull up a July 2011 DIA CHART--I think Jan might trade like that pattern. leave the AUG PART OUT.

  5. i thought someone would reply to this video. 

  6. I have many stocks RSI 68 -72, which get ready to report earnings in a couple of weeks. what the market really likes, is the day before earnings, that the stock is at rsi 50. the market likes this A LOT!!!! 
    only one conclusion then. 

    This means the market will do everything it has to to bring all these rsi 68-70 stocks, down to rsi 50, within 2 weeks. that's not good news for the bulls.Earnings start in earnest around Jan 19th, so all the main stocks have to be at rsi 50 by then.

  7. i wish i had the capital to short this many stocks, and cover at rsi 50. 
    there are a few that keep running higher into earnings, but the majority sink down to rsi 50.

  8. Use leverage then, even single stock futures

  9. i'm buying  deep in the money 2 month out puts...  accumulating. 


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