Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ES and Euro


  1. I'm waiting until Friday in case we get a pullback and one last surge. And even then, I'm not looking beyond the next couple weeks for downside.

    Which is more than enough time for trading the sucker. Good luck, Steveo!

  2. No pullbacks allowed in Bernanke's market. Vix sill has fall and thusly Spy has more room to run. Still expecting that pullback?

    Might be saying any minute now for 3 months and 100 S&p points.

    1. Well it busted both Bernoulli lines, so officially the cat is out of the bag,

      shorting on continued strength is just masochistic, but shorting on a dip below the lines could pay handsomely,

      But yeah, I do think there is real good chance, 60% that this is a joint psyops Apple and Big Ben jointly timed counter insurgency against "bad robot markets", The Bernanke got victory on his lips and lipstick on the pig and alot to lose.

      The Baltic Dry says the gig is up. The British are officially back into recession (always trailing)

      12 things that are non conventional say this gig is up.

  3. Time will tell, what indicators are you watching of late?


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