Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rush, Classic Old Music, Applicable Themes

Rush was always one of my favorite bands.   3 Canadians cranking out more music than humanly possible, and with interesting topic themes.    And these guys could replicate the song quality on stage like no one else.  

Some of their themes like the 1977 Album "Farewell to Kings" are very topical and applicable now.   This is back when I was reading the Hobbit, Orwell's 1984, and of course high school required readings.  

Check them out, and remember this is an advertising supported FREE blog.

Link to Rush Music Video's on Utube


  1. Hi Steveo.  I hope you'll forgive me for coming to your blog to ask a favour.  I wouldn't blame you for viewing that as being pretty flaky on my part but I'm hoping you won't think of it in that way.

    The widget you have over on the right that pertain to "Tokyo Time", etc.  How did you get those?  I don't particularly want those ones on my site, but I "do" want some others... some that I fear I might have to create myself.  I do not know how to create custom widgets and I have a suspicion that maybe you "do".  If so, would you mind directing me somewhere where I can learn how to do it?

    BTW, I know why you always feature the Shep on your blog.  I had one.  He became a Canadian Champion (not "the Canadian Champion but "a" Canadian Champion) just before he turned 2.  I still love that dog so much although he went to heaven 20 years ago.  I really, really miss him.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for so many great contributions that you make. 

  2. I wish I could program gadgets and widgets.   used to be a wicked programmer, back when Rush was doing Fly By Night.

    Now too busy running solar company.

    I just find widgets and gadgets by doing Google search.

    Thanks for stopping in, trying to digest your Baltic Dry article

    PS I will be retiring sometime soon and will be placing more emphasis on trading, programming, TOS thinkscript, getting proficient at IB trade platform, open TradeStation account and learn to backtest.....

  3. put cursor over "tokyo" and right click -- select (copy link address) or select (save link as)

  4. Ok, I can do that easy enough.  But when I paste that link into a "widget box" on the Blogger "set-up" page, it doesn't work.  It has to do with html codes and I don't know enough about that kind of thing.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. I never even thought about doing a Google search for them.  I'll give it a whirl and see what happens. 

    Thanks :-)

  6. Keep trying, once you get to the page with the HTML code it is a simple matter of cut and paste.

    Most issues on blogs are incredibly simple, it is just a matter of finding the simple answer.


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