Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wed- intermediate prospects look upward on ES TF but maybe a "Shake out


  1. Steveo, a couple charts to view.  IWM has made a perfect touch under the ellipse.  Bounced off the 10dma this morning.  Does it retest the ellipse, or finally touch the 200dma? Or not?

    Also have an updated Heating Oil chart.  The tops and bottoms of that chart over the last six months have given pretty good timing for the markets overall.

  2. Very interesting, thanks for posting.  
    Staying very small here until at least I see NZD/JPY break out on a risk on trade.

  3. One more chart, the NYSE comp

  4. Nice, I posted new NZD/JPY, that is the risk on risk off indicator, egg-xactly.   In this same post, and your charts.

  5. Nice work Buck
    Bet your eggs, don't wait for confirmation in news or trailing indicators
    I'm short IWM pretty big, I'm glad to see your chart

    "The most money is made on the turns"  - Paul Tudor Jones

  6. Kudus to you sir.

    Nailed it right on the target.. good god! 


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