Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Word Game Fun!

Try to read this one


  1. This is awesome Steveo.

    Now if we could only convince people gold was money and paper was fraudulent.

  2. Indeed, that will happen in due time.   And then everyone will talk about how they knew it all along (and only a handful of us will be right in that reminiscence.

  3. eh, PW, email me at stock


    hawaii.rr.com, I got to get you set up with that free membership at Breakpoint Trades!

  4. Steveo,

    History says that when that point approaches they will make barter in gold illegal and a felony AND put people out there like at gun shows to send a message that unless you know the person your gold is no good.

    Alabama already has banned pawn shops and cash transactions. They say they want to be able to trace things better. No cash for 2nd hand transactions.

    "Never underestimate a government's ability to propagate its existence". - told to me by a gentleman whose father was the president of a Dow 30 company.

  5. Indeed when a back a bloated badger into a corner, watch out!

  6. JPM reports fri morning. market reaction could go either way.

  7. Kind of sitting out until Ms Market makes up its mind
    and you know what a woman's perogative is....

  8. sidelines is good. this is going to be a wild earnings season.  1/2 up on earnings, half down, maybe


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