Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Bob - The King of Max Pain

Big Bob got a stop at 1399 S&P cash.   

How much you want to bet  that gets blown out?

Longs are holding very tenuously because of recent scary drop, Shorts need occasional encouragement to stay in.  

The path of most pain (most money sucked up by HBB) is some quick drops and ramps with big overnight moves on the futures, mostly in the up direction until maybe 1410 or so, double or triple top.    Russell may run more percentages per previous post.
Max leverage short from 1360.....Per Big Bob


  1. Interesting how King of Pain starts with:

    "There's a little black spot on the sun today..."

    How appropriate!

  2.  You sir, are a complete nut, usually it is only my brain that can put together such obtuse facts into a compelling hilarity.

  3. Nature + nurture = screw loose.

    Damn straight!

  4.  Big Bob and his million followers got their stops nailed

  5. I'm sure the HFTs were hunting for 'em!


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