Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conspiracy on Silver

Hi-Ho Silver.

When if you could spot a set of apparently unrelated information and connect the dots?
Well as least the new information may help you.

Silver and Gold took massive drops last week on obvious manipulation.

Saudi Arabia is kind of our friend (US friend), because we told them long ago that we would let them partly rape the world with high priced oil and let them run their cartel, as long as they only sold oil in USD.

85% of Muslims are Sunni
15% of Muslims are Shite.    Shite (funny that spelling) are the radicals, the Iranians ready to nuke Israel.  

Iran is actually a problem.   They are not as dumb as they act. 

China and Russia would be very happy to transact energy deals in other than the USD, US would want their support or consent prior to Iran attack, but whatever. 

The powers that be have strong interest in protecting USD as reserve currency.   Most of the wealth of TPTB is in US Dollars. 

Iran sits between the other countries that we have taken over, invaded.

"The lie of weapons of mass destruction" won't work the second time around, and yet US can't wait until Iran has actually built a nuke bomb. 

US has to garner support for an attack on Iran.

OK....hey Saudi, we know you don't really want to participate in attacking Iran, and we know you would feel better having more real money and less USD, so we have the perfect plan.

In order to help JP Morgan get out from some PM shorts without bankrupting them (scare the sheep again), we will orchestrate a PM selloff, a massive scary selloff.

We will tell Saudi before hand, so they can scoop up the PM on the cheap

Multiple issues resolved:

1) The sheeple get scared of holding PM, the sheeple must be scared away because PM restricts the government's ability to just print money and restore confidence, as the very existence of governments is on the line. 
2) Saudi becomes US accomplice
3) Saudi happy because the got rid of USD and got hard money in return.
4) JPM get out from alot of lumps. 
5) Israel and Saudi become unlikely buddies


Interesting aside, the warfare against PM occurred exactly at the same time as Ron Paul was attacking Bernanke for his Fiat destruction and Paul was brandishing a silver coin in front of the Bernanke.


  1. Which is most likely why Madman Ben's minions chose that day to drive down the price of gold/silver...

  2.  Exactly, the central planners got game, until they don't.   Until reality forces their hand and all they got is a pair of deuces.


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