Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Everything Says Market Tanks

I hate it when everything agrees.

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I missed most the trade day, tough when it starts 3:30 AM

Tough to enter trades at end of day for short term stuff.

Euro short is about only position I have (Benny says print USD, I say Euro goes down, got that?)


  1. Do you think this is it Steveo?  So type of mini-double top?
    1440 is not far away and might be achieved on thin volume.
    Noticed that VIX climbed significantly today and VXX shares are up finally.

    This market looks extremely long in the tooth to this cowboy.

  2.  I am agnostic, Even if we tank, could be just a scary 8%

    Remember in the past the Fed would say something, and the market would rally a day or two, then tank.

    Been awhile since that happened.   

    Not getting crazy bets though.


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