Monday, March 26, 2012

MarketSniper laying it down

MarketSniperThe weekend of May 19 and 20. I will be there ALL week starting Sunday, May 13. Have two days with john Person at the Luxor for TTU members only. Then, got some real estate business to take care of up there and the money show. Early arrivals. at the Deuces Lounge at the Aria late Friday afternoon and into the nite . That is the 18th. Saturday nite, the big event is at The Foundation Room, private club, atop the Mandalay Bay.

The Sniper always got something to say, but he was nailing it tonight

Not his (the Bernanke) fault for the fallen brethren. It is the fallens' fault. We take responsibility for our trading decisions. embrace that responsibility. It is your salvation. NOT to do so will leave you retching on your own bile in the desert of economic destitution. :-)

On the Bernanke
 No need to read minds. The man has TOLD you what he is doing and what he will continue to do.

other comment from someone else-- That's fine. Day trading can work. But most trading is not day trading and that has been ruined

It has? Beg to differ with you. You do not know the expectancy of what you are doing, most likely. Your trades have negative expectancy and you may not know it is all. go back to basics. Back test what you are doing. Then forward test without the benefit of hindsight on paper. Do the results match your historical back test? If so, then forward test with real money in the smallest trading size you can do. Forget the commissions! If you are a stock trader, trade 1 or 10 shares! IF that then matches up with your two previous results, THEN trade it full size. Remember! The market is structured in such a way as to compel you to act against your own best interest!!!! To avoid that, you MUST have knowledge of the expectancy of what you are doing in markets!!!!

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