Friday, April 13, 2012

Bucky with a Bullish Engulfing

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Setting up a nice Bullish Engulfing Candle on the Daily, this would tank US equities.   Also, gold has been strong, fear is increasing, and some Euro market bonds are jumping up in the yield (aka interest rate).   This could be another Lucy snaps the ball away from Charlie Brown the bear, exp at the 4% type of level that convinces bears to "hold there ground" and take heavy losses against an uber ramp.   But I don't think so, Euro looks poised to tank quite a bit more and Cable showed that way too on a blimp float swatdown (sure laugh all you want).


  1. Good work Steveo.
    Looks like Euro set to fall to the 130 area.
    By the way, I will place some ads on my site as per your suggestion.
    Very much enjoying my Breakpoint trades membership.  Many helpful trading tips their too.


  2.  Great thing though, I been paying 3 months now, kind of by mistake.   We got to  figure that one out somehow.   Your free gift was supposed to be one month.  

    And the 6 month membership is WAY better and cheaper.

  3. I signed up after the 1 deal month expired on a special they had.
    Breakpoint should not be charging you.

  4. They are, it may be a mistake, did you sign up through the link on my site...they should have notified me.   

    No brainer thought the BPT, pays for itself so easily.   And not just pays for itself, can make significant money.


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