Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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I think this site has bridged so many divides, brought conflicting opinions together in a state of agreement. This is a community brought together through many evolutions, comments on zerohedge, the library watchtower, this platform we recognize now as home and soon the new format.

I think of this place as somewhere I come to imbibe wisdom, to seek out alternative views and to challenge my mind to understand the diversity of opinion. There are few opinions here that I find abhorrent, many I don't agree with and plenty that make me reassess my beliefs. It is challenging to post here, sometimes the knowledge on offer is so far removed from everyday coherence that I spend days thinking about what I have read. Sometimes the simplest of comments leave me in wonder at the things I pass by, take for granted, never consider or just flatly didn't have a clue about. This knowledge shared for free is a blessing, we represent the world here, border less, anonymous, we say what we feel and we pull no punches. It is refreshing in an era of moronic adherence to social norms, political correctness and ignorance. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for understanding truth, history, diversity and decency. Feels good right? Feels good because however the price falls, whatever the criminals throw down at us, however many gauntlets are wafted in our faces. WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE TRADE!

At times like these we are a sorry bunch, crying into our beer, blaming, pleading and wailing for the injustices served upon us to be avenged. crying

I cry no longer, I stopped caring about prices some time ago. I stopped caring for money, possessions, status or standing. We are far beyond the days that a ralph lauren shirt meant something or a BMW dictated your social standing.

We are in the end game. Look around, what do you see? This is fucked, that is fucked, everyone is blaming everyone else and we are walking into a shitstorm of epic proportions, I am stacking for war, we will see it soon, not a pissy little scuffle, not a grab for resources but a full on hate thy neighbour, global rage fest that will engulf all that dare to poke their heads above the parapet. History dictates it and present situations confirm it. There is no going back now.

I started stacking gold.

I then bought some silver.

I filled my food store.

I traded some silver for gym equipment, I'm stacking fitness.

I stopped stacking my beer belly.

I have been stacking knowledge for a lifetime but I am now in overdrive.

The time is here, the debate over TSHTF is over, it hit. Picture a bunch of folks in slow motion grimacing as it arcs in a fine spray towards them, waiting for the splatter on their brows. This is where we are.

I believe there will come a time soon that I will stitch some gold into my clothing, that I will hide from tyranny, that I will cower in fear and will be afraid for my ability to protect my children from the onslaught of anger and violence. Look around, what exactly is stable? Tell me one positive about the present day?

We are walking into the valley, preps will help, fitness will help, food will help but luck will be the decider. None of us can foresee what this way comes. Just know this, it will hurt, it will cost, it is here.

Let's not forget why we are here, let's not get wrapped up in daily moping over some chart that says your insurance is not as good as yesterday. Trust in yourself, it got you this far.

There is a man, he coined a phrase I believe to be one that will be remembered historically, he put his balls on the line and offered his opinion, knowledge, time and money to tell us this one thing.

' The end of the Keynesian experiment is upon us, PREPARE ACCORDINGLY'


  1. Zombieland was so right in that respect. Cardio. Lots of cardio.

  2.  Stacking fitness, indeed, when the chips are down your credit card ain't going to get the job done.

  3. Great post steveo....I was thinking of you Tuesday night. Michale Savage lived on Hawaii long ago. He was confirming things we have discussed privately that it is a lawless state that does as it pleases and does not care one bit about the people who have lived on the Island, but only about how much more they can rape before they institute tyranny. He had the politicians and law enforcement squarely in his sights.

    This is all an illusion brought to us by The Great Communist. It's one black swan away from undeniable reality. And the republicans such just as much for sucking teats from a different side while they should have broiught impeachment proceeding against this bastard. he threatens the Supreme Court of his illegal laws? Not even FDR did that. And I'll let you know why he did that as I often see things beyond what's on the surface. he railed against judicial activism being used to defeat ObamaCare. That was a signal to all his judicial appointees, as well as those hoping elevations, that they damn well better use their bench to make the laws he wants or they will rot in their positions or lose them. Savage was right with his is "Trickle Down Tyranny".

  4. Um....FDR never 'threatened' the Supreme Court (of course, neither did Obama, really--if you've lived longer than 25 years, you know grandstanding when you see it), but major Republican figures since and including Reagan have railed against the judiciary overturning laws 'that the people want,' and decrying how Congress makes laws, not unelected judges, etc. Last I looked, the country is kind of split 50-50 on Obamacare, and it was certainly made by Congress. You'd think Republicans everywhere would be dancing in the streets about the prez's pronouncements...oh, wait, sorry, that anit-judiciary angle only works when it concerns the laws they passed or like.

    I won't even get into the 'Obama is a Communist/Socialist' and 'tyranny' stuff. That's just so bizarre on the face of it, and so far removed from what those words actually mean, both in today's world and in history, that it defies any logical response. It really shows an ignorance of the past, but then, that's really what creators of extremist memes count on: the ignorance of their audience, where facts are concerned. In the world of right-wing radicalism, facts have been replaced by dogma, critical thinking replaced by blind acceptance of easily disproved theories, and discernible observations replaced by conspiracies and a hysterical desire for an economic and social 'end times' that, not surprisingly, isn't dissimilar to that of fundamentalist Christians--after all, this entire extremist point of view is akin to religious belief. It can't be proved, it can't be disproved in the believers' minds, it's all-consuming and it's entirely built on faith and invisible forces.

    That it can have such a strong hold on so many otherwise intelligent and educated people is as much a sign that the foundation of this country, and much of the world, is in trouble. The Founding Fathers were men of the Enlightenment, and as such, would have found all of this the confused babble of illogical, unscientific and deluded minds. If the America we live in has veered too far from its original vision, this reaction to that has veered much farther and into much more dangerous waters.

  5. >Um....FDR never 'threatened' the Supreme Court <

    You begin your problem with your first sentence. I stated he never did, yet you speak as if I am in error in stating that he did so. So to the reader, you immediately put words in my mouth. Nice touch.

    And it doesn't matter about the 50/50 split in Obamacare. This isn't rule by democracy. It is unlawful to force to consumption of a product in such a fashion. A more sane time with a citizenry having a modicum of education would see that and the lowest court would have overturned this albatross. Plus, 50% of Americans pay no taxes. A poll of those paying taxes would show significantly different results.

    >I won't even get into the 'Obama is a Communist/Socialist' and 'tyranny'
    stuff. That's just so bizarre on the face of it, and so far removed
    from what those words actually mean, both in today's world and in
    history, that it defies any logical response.<

    Of course not. No offense, but you are obviously not well read on the topic, nor have you any grasp of how both Hitler and Lenin came to power, to present a logical defense. It's why what is reality seems bizarre to you. It's precisely how those in "1984" end up in the same prison cell together. The ones that see the obvious are condemned by those who cannot see what is before them.

    You should speak to some people from the Ukraine or Georgia, or even Cuba, and ask what they are seeing. Doctors in Miami as seeing a surge in patients and giving them Valium and Xanax as they see Castro all over again.

    Maybe you want to visit a forum somewhere visited by Eastern European immigrants and speak to them on how they feel about your position here.

    If you do chose to respond to this, please do so with a reasoned response as to how Obama is not a socialist/Marxist/communist. Don't cloud the assertion by stating it is so bizarre that it defies any logical response. I realize that one cannot present a logical defense, but by all means, do try if you like.

    We are in great trouble alright. I just read it in your message.

  6. Just a couple questions:

    1) Nearly all economists agree that the level of spending in the US is unsustainable. Why is spending a logarithmically increasing amount of money on health care excluded from this argument? Is it belief that everything will just "work out" or is there logic behind this belief?

    2) Why do some people believe that mirroring the European system of health care will not bankrupt the US, whereas it has bankrupted (or will shortly bankrupt) every nation in the Eurozone? Is it belief that "the US will somehow be different" or is there some basis in fact?

    Please keep in mind that Europe is spending a negligible amount of money on military expenditures (European allies temporarily ran out of ammunition during the strikes on Libya) and have the highest personal tax rates on the world, yet are still in a state of fiscal disaster. The US still has a massive military presence in Europe and now will need to increase health care spending to the level of Europe, in addition to maintaining this military presence. If there is a valid "non-belief", fact-based argument explaining how all this will work out, please post below.

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