Friday, May 11, 2012

Put call et all, very bullish

This completely conflicts with my overall view of a big down.

McClellan (on the Nas) today was also a small move 4%--that implies a big market move coming up. 

But that is what the market sets up, gets the bear salivating and get them committed to their positions, OR because of the extreme rampy swings, get the bears now operating without stops because they are tired of being stopped out.  

Danger Will Robinson!!!!!!

Do you think that in this game for all the money in the world, that HBB doesn't have the best psychologists, the best analysts for crowd reaction based on inputs they can control?      Of course they do.    

So I use indicators that are hard to game, to filter out those intentional deceptions.   But this one right now is still tricky.


  1. Hey your posts at're one of the few
    to put Hope out there, for those who've prepared enough to
    justify that Hope. Sorry if you don't appreciate this message, but
    I am on "moderation" at enenews, for daring to call a woman
    a woman on the ADMIN authority.
    GerryHiles has posted absolute, industrial reality facts which
    are unacceptable to enenews feminist judgement.
    Sorry Steve, if this is a pain to you.
    it just points out-how are we to educate anyone about facts
    of industry, management, reality? when some clearly
    underinformed woman is made the "Authority" to control
    Paste from Blocked enenews submission:
    Elenin VelikovskyYour comment is awaiting moderation.May 13, 2012 at 8:51 am · ReplyGerryHiles is Correct, ENEnews editorial staff.
    How simple it is for you to say "Talk about misinformed".
    Each of Gerry's points is correct.
    The Grand Stanford Elitists, reflected in Enenews' comment,
    indicate a complete lack of basic experience of this world!
    I live surrounded by giant copper mines.
    We are even reopening a mothballed mine here, despite the
    internationally uncompetitive wages we must pay here,
    because the Chinese control more and more of Strategic minerals.
    A great improvement in open-pit mining was the ELECTRIC
    Giant Shovel, and Electric Giant Haul Trucks.
    The air is breatheable down there.
    But guess what Enenews? That Electricity comes from
    You must face the glaring lack of recognition.
    The Elitists just leave out the Slavery, the local degradation
    of human environments in those world-wide raw material
    producers. Did you miss Gerry's note about Plastics? Yes.
    Gerry Hiles is NOT "misinformed".
    We have a spoiled-rotten child pretending to be an authority.Report Comment

  2.  Jack I don't mind the communication, but this forum is not the place for it.   I am pretty pick of the moderation which is not always done well at ENE, but huffpost is really a joke.  

    You cannot educate those who have already formed their opinion.

  3. Thank You Steve....
    Now, on topic of just When CNBC and FOXB and
    the other commentators are going to catch up with
    Max Keiser on the hardest points of the financial
    manipulation. Part of me says "wow, this is slick
    anti-capitalist propaganda", but most of his facts
    are blazing with intelligence compared to the boys
    and girls on the Street. A lot of Massaging the
    Public Consumer Confidence.
    Loved to hear of your great water supply.
    You must deserve the Good feeling of Safety,
    compared to so many. Blessings!
    Hawai'i No Ka Oi!

  4.  Indeed, it seems that we have had are bets placed "all in" and either this "print wealth and confidence" game will work or it won't.    

    Us the US ends up OK as being the best flea on the dog.


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