Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No big drivers right now

I don't see big moves coming right now, my slew of put call type indicators is mostly middle of the road after recovering (with this week plus rally from extreme (I mean extreme) lows in a put call ration indicator. Quite sad actually, I was on vacation and I missed that entirely. It would have been a clear signal to close all shorts at least, if not going long. The Monday/Tuesday recovery /return to market normalcy after option expire last Friday is over also. We never got the big scary drop to have Joe6 demanding money printing. And the dem election cycle says we have high likelihood of rallying into election time. Research it. MY STRATEGY--stop thinking bearish and look for little breakout tickers with nice patterns like cup and handle. Also, buying a smattering of natural gas stocks or options, and same on gold miners. Uranium miners may also have plays, they deserve a look at least. The nuke cartel, with all of it's lies right out of the gate, will not go down without a fight, and they need uranium. I also see a good chance Bucky will move down 3.5 points to "tap the egg" which would be a nice boost to US equities, 1420 to 1450 on ES in the next month would not be outrageous.

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