Friday, July 6, 2012

Raise taxes to pay Teachers in Chicago

Funny how a "captive audience" property owners, can just be slammed with a new tax, for paying for schools even if they have no children. Kind of a joke really, what sense does that make. But it doesn't have to make sense, just be prepared for every and all types of tax increases and fees to come your way Maybe they ought to ask Scott Walker about those public unions, unions for "civil servants". One of the great lies. --------------------------------------------------------------- Chicago Public Schools Offer $5.2B Budget That Closes $665M Gap Bond Buyer | Jul 6 The financially-strapped Chicago Public Schools system released a $5.2 billion proposed budget for fiscal 2013 that closes a $665 million gap with a property tax hike, operating cuts, and by digging deeply into reserves and draining its unreserved fund balance.


  1. Steveo,

    Where I lived in NJ for 20 years property taxes rose to pay teachers. They said EVERY TIME that they would have to cut Jr. High and Freshman Athletic program and extracurricular activities. They were the 4th highest paid in the nation and went illegally on strike in November of 2001 in what was the hardest hit community on 9/11. The teachers unions should be broken and merit pay enacted. 

  2.  For sure
    And this whole "bubble in education" which produces zombie like cattle is a mystery to me.

    $200k in student loans and no jobs....enslave them with debt.

  3.  Slaves vote for better payment terms (reductions even) as people generally, in the final analysis, vote their wallet.


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