Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boatload O' Charts

Head and Shoulders Gift from heaven,

Hey I sent $700 and a Geiger Counter to Japan to help --this is on the Nikkei.

I also started an anti-nuke blog, joined forces with some real activists, had 100,000 visits to blog, with some real original content. And in some small way contributed to the NRC announced moratorium on all nuke plants. Nuke really stinks, it is the most unclean thing we could possible ever make, call and write your legislators to stop this insanity of playing god to turn matter into energy, for the grand purpose of boiling water when solar is already WAY cheaper than $14B nuke plants that kill us.

But that don't mean I won't short the sheesh out of the Nikkei.

I am jumping the gun on the shoulder pattern for sure, but the overthrow on the 38 Fibo and the alternate S%P 500 D5 went off yesterday indicating an EXTREMELY BEARISH near term.

Email me, I will not be posting the D5 for all to see, but will send to requests.

stock -- a--t

From a reader/contributor -- I got my bear glasses on, this is bear porn.


  1. Nuclear isn't that bad. All you gotta do is start a war every 10 years or so to get rid of some of that depleted crap...problem solved!

  2.  LOL ouch!   Yeah just spray in on foreign countries, and then build them hospitals on their debt bomb dime so to speak.

    you saw that video "Debt Bomb" hilarious.

  3. EXACTLY...we can have 2 parties in the the bad guy and one the good guy and have one party do "bad" things and the other pretend to do "good" things.

    And while the people who pay taxes to fund these adventures slave away in the salt mines, the members of the 2 said parties can treat each other to dinner and drinks at 5 star restaurants around DC.

    Oh wait, they're already doing that.

    Damn, I'm always too late...

    PS I saw Debt Bomb, not bad. But not edgy enough, IMO...


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