Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food Solar Cycles and Sunspots

Sorry humans, it's time to humble down a bit, its in your own interest to realize that there are things larger than our own ego.    In fact, things that happen 93 Million miles away can affect what we do, and how we proceed with our lives.

I have researched this for half a decade, and their are some good books devoted exactly to the subject of sun spots and their effect on weather patterns, food, and business cycles.

Hence, removing one of the layers of deception...self deception that thing external to ourselves may in fact be very important.

This doc is from ZeroHedge who (y'all know that Tyler Durden is actually a bunch of people and that the name comes from Fight Club), who has been doing some spectacular writings lately.

I added it to my blog so it is easy to reference later, i.e. type in "sunspots"

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