Monday, August 6, 2012

Let no Tragedy go to Waste

2 Themes in Play

Economy showing signs of cracking, People are getting a bit crazier.

Government has been militarizing the USA to hold down internal unrest, at least to quash it.

The new theme of Domestic Terrorism is being put into play, its like a pre-excuse for what is necessary for the bloated bronto called the US gov to preserve itself.

The Sikh Temple shootings are a tragedy, for sure, a sad event, probably even misguided and mistargeted by the shooter, time will tell.  

But now they have been taken over by the Feds, indeed the Feds have taken over the investigation of this.   They have the authority BECAUSE they have labelled the event as domestic terrorism, EVEN THOUGH, there were no facts on the shooter motivations yet. 

They were "tracing" the gun.    They were analyzing tattoos.   And yet they know enough to call this Domestic Terrorism.   

Sad, but in reality this was probably some unemployed, no future guy, who blames the downfall of the US economy on the Terrorists, the 911 peoples, and I hate to predict this, but that he simply attacked people with turbans on their head, even though the Sikhs have nothing to do with Al Qaeda or Muslims.

The other theme, that is being played heavily, is the "rush" to municipal bonds.    7 of ten stories in the bond world are about municipal bonds.   Maybe that's a good thing to get money flowing to cities, as 9 have already declared bankruptcy.    Is this a strategy, Or just another symptom of the bronto going down in the tar pit, swinging it's head wildly in an over-managed economy that is not based on reward for hard-work and production, rule of law, organic growth.

Rhetoric and Easy Money will not get the job done, in fact they will make it worse, but in the near term we should expect more rhetoric and more easy money.  

I love the labels on these Muni Bond funds....NOS and POS, Not Only Shit, and Piece of Shit, LOL

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