Friday, October 26, 2012

Box O' Fear, Gold, S&P, and Dabama

Its just a Box O' Fear, Does Dabama have a job or not?    Only if HBB wants him too, I think he will grovel when necessary.     

Revenue (tax) and Expeditures, US Gov

Note how the projected revenue is "projected" to rocket up faster than ever, yeah right.
That would require that we form a parabola.    

So there appears to be 3 choices,
  1. Government makes itself smaller and cuts its pay to balance the budget
  2. We don't grow revenue like the parabola projected and we go deeper into deficit spending, interest rates stay low forever, savers are penalized, inflation remains steady and high, standard of living decreases, food stamps and other handouts are necessary to prevent huge unrest.
  3. We do grow revenue like the parabola shown......
Parabolas don't end well, ya know....

1) Ain't gonna happen
2) This will suck
3) This will suck

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