Saturday, October 20, 2012

Short Epiphany - Electoral College

The Electoral College method of electing Presidents distorts the entire process, allows special interests to more easily target money to sway the election results, and makes for "close races" in which the President gets elected based not on solid plans, but on pissing off the fewest people in the States that are not already in their "pocket" because that particular state is "locked as a win" because the so called 2 party system Government largesse benefits that state, making it Dem or Repub. 

But really it all matters naught until the constitution and the rule of law can be re-established, and that is if we haven't already tipped over the tipping point.   Additionally, until undue Corporate and rich people influence can be brought under control, including lobbying, it will all remain a sham, a travesty, a Randian Orwellian nightmare in which all your efforts remain at risk.   

Or you can join the corruption with both hands, which is not a great solution either, as the moral hazard associated with depleting your "fire insurance", and the chance that a bull market in pitchforks may erupt at some time.  

Good site for Electoral Congress process

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