Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Moon, Gold, Cable, and Bucky

The moon timing model sure seems to be taking a breather, maybe it comes back around Dec 21 Solstice.

If you like buying gold, there could be a great opportunity in the next week or two.   I almost pulled the trigger last week.   Either way, buying on a pullback or buying on confirmed strength seems like a no-brainer.

Cable is playing out a strong egg pattern, aka Blimp of Doom, although a push to the 61 Fibo would still be within legit egg pattern.

Bucky sure looks like it wants to rock upward, and maybe we get some more Shenanighans from Bennie and the Boyz with unconventional "communications" to talk the dollar down, in layman's terms, lies.   

Have a look see, drop a comment, wondering if anyone still stops in over here.   Also I have teamed up in an alliance with Evil Google for sponzerships, although I would like to do more direct affiliate and other ads, as the big G is just a little too evil.    Just read their privacy policies....they basic say....we will sell you out, guaranteed.  

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