Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evolution of Money, Hilarious methinks


  1. A truer graphic who could find for such a time as this.


  2. Hey thanks for stopping in.
    Super busy on my "day job" working 7/14's and banking $300 face value junk silver per day, no joke.

  3. a cashless society? because even "money" backed only by paper is too inconvenient. "money" is disappearing into the electronic ether.

    according to the "modern" monetary theory, "money" is whatever tax credit token issued by the state at whatever arbitrary value the state desires.

    "But if government can find ways to engage in counterfeiting--the creation of new money out of thin air--it can quickly produce its own money without taking the trouble to sell services or mine gold. It can then appropriate resources slyly and almost unnoticed, without rousing the hostility touched off by taxation. In fact, counterfeiting can create in its very victims the blissful illusion of unparalleled prosperity." (Murray Rothbard, What Has Government Done to Our Money? )

  4. Stealing from the savers, the producers, redistribution of wealth......hmmmm


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